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Construction Tutor

Construction Tutor - Andy Hodgkinson

Did you do an Apprenticeship? What was it like compared to today’s Apprenticeships?

Yes, I did in 1979. My Apprenticeship was in Construction, so it gave me a variety of skills rather than focusing on one. I wouldn’t say there are too many changes when comparing to the Apprenticeships of the present day. You learn the same skills and still go out on the job. However, the main fundamental difference is, with today’s Apprenticeships you are out working 80% of the time  and in the college 1 day a week. When I was an Apprentice, we were working and studying in blocks. For instance, 1 month I would be in college full-time studying and the next month I would be working full-time.

Why do you think Apprenticeships are important? What doors do they open?

I think Apprenticeships are very important as you get taught by industry experts. I have been working in the industry since 1979 so I am passing on over 40 years of experience to new Apprentices. This gives our students the best possible opportunity to become successful.

Apprenticeships are the gateway to employability. Students are not only trained to industry standards, but they can also prove it with a qualification. Employers who put you in an Apprenticeship usually keep you on full-time once completed.

What is the success rate of students post Apprenticeship employment?

I can confidently say our success rate is very strong. Our students are using the latest tools at industry standards to get the best education. Their employers will recognise this and have the confidence to keep them on.

What do you like about your job?

It’s a privilege to teach the future. I love knowing these students are genuinely here to want to do well. I can pass on my experience to these people who will benefit the country.

Why did you become a teacher?

I was inspired by my teacher back in 1979. He taught me everything I need to know to become successful. I was so confident in myself that I became self-employed, which was partly down to him. I want to pass on my knowledge just like him.

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