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A message to all our employers

I appreciate that this is a difficult time for everyone at the moment and we must all play our part in halting the spread of this terrible virus.

Given the statistics and predictions being produced by the Government, it is difficult to comprehend at the moment how this will eventually play out but the impact will be felt by all of us in various forms of intensity. It is almost blase of us to try and continue operations as normal but it is also essential to enable our economy to recover after the event. A useful source of information and updated guidance for apprentices and employers can be found via a section of the site.

So what are we doing as a College at the moment?

  • Communication is vital at this time and we will be using our website to share all updates, and also to provide contact details for all areas of the business during this time -  Please note that in all cases Government guidance must take precedence and would supersede any information provided by us at this time. 
  • For Apprentices who normally attend College, our staff have set up Microsoft Teams that Apprentices can access via their College email account, and this is available on both computers and mobile devices. 
  • Apprentices also have access to virtual learning accounts such as eZone where learning resources have been placed. 
  • If their course is primarily theoretical, then there will be a combination of self-study work being issued.  Some delivery may also take place over Microsoft Teams. 
  • If their course at College is primarily practical based, then lecturers will also set as much work as possible via Teams and on eZone. However, if your company is continuing to operate whilst following the Government guidance of social distancing, then work-based learning should continue. We do not encourage anyone to attend the workplace unless it is absolutely necessary and the Government’s guidance should be followed.

As you can appreciate 100% online learning is new to us and our curriculum teams are rising to this challenge. However, please bear with us if staff fall sick during this period as then there may be gaps in our support. Our Assessors are working from home wherever possible and will be carrying out reviews and assessments over the phone and using e-mail to correspond with you and your Apprentices.

It is too early to say what our long term plans and strategies are as the position changes on a daily basis and at this stage, no provider is able to state how long this situation will continue. However please be assured that we will continue to keep in contact with you, and do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any concerns or queries.

This correspondence may not reach everyone in your organisation responsible for Apprenticeship learning so we would be grateful if you could forward where necessary.

Our best wishes to you as we navigate new ways of living, working and learning.

Kam Dehal, Vice Principal - Business Development (College Group)

Our Employer Services team offer a wide variety of services to local businesses and can advise on apprenticeships, workplace training and eligibility for funding. Please click below to find out more about our team based at  John Ruskin College and East Surrey College and what we can offer you.

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