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Business Administrator Level 3 Apprenticeship (Apprenticeship)

Business administrators have a highly transferable set of knowledge, skills and behaviours that can be applied in all sectors. This includes small and large businesses alike; from the public sector, private sector and charitable sector. The role may involve working independently or as part of a team and will involve developing, implementing, maintaining and improving administrative services. Business administrators develop key skills and behaviours to support their own progression towards management responsibilities.


Customer Service Practitioner Level 2 Apprenticeship (Apprenticeship)

Our Customer Services apprenticeship Standard is suitable for those in customer facing roles in any industry. The core responsibility will be to provide a high quality service to customers which will be delivered from the workplace, digitally, or through going out into the customer's own locality. These may be one-off or routine contacts and include dealing with orders, payments, offering advice, guidance and support, meet-and-greet, sales, fixing problems, after care, service recovery or gaining insight through measuring customer satisfaction.

CODE W9242

Customer Service Specialist Level 3 Apprenticeship (Apprenticeship)

The main purpose of a customer service specialist is to be a 'professional' for direct customer support within all sectors and organisation types. You are an advocate of Customer Service who acts as a referral point for dealing with more complex or technical customer requests, complaints, and queries. You are often an escalation point for complicated or ongoing customer problems. As an expert in your organisation's products and/or services, you share knowledge with your wider team and colleagues. You gather and analyse data and customer information that influences change and improvements in service. Utilising both organisational and generic IT systems to carry out your role with an awareness of other digital technologies. This could be in many types of environment including contact centres, retail, webchat, service industry or any customer service point.


Digital Marketer BSc (Hons) Level 6 Degree Apprenticeship (Apprenticeship)

This course is designed to offer students the opportunity to study for an award in Digital Marketing at the same time as working either in a marketing role, or in preparation for one in the very near future. The distinctive feature of the Digital Marketing Degree Apprenticeship (DMDA) is its emphasis on the workplace as a learning and development environment.

CODE W9137

Financial Adviser Level 3 Apprenticeship (Apprenticeship)

Financial advisers provide their clients with specialist advice on how to manage their money. They may be employed in large companies such as banks or within small specialist advice businesses. The role involves building long term valued relationships with client, researching the marketplace and recommending the most appropriate products and services available. Financial advisers may specialise in particular products, depending on their clients, such as selling employee pension schemes to companies or offering mortgage, pension or investment advice to private clients.

CODE W9259

Infrastructure Technician Level 3 Apprenticeship (Apprenticeship)

This Apprenticeship programme will be delivered at East Surrey College, Redhill. Our staff specialise in IT infrastructures and have established a reputation for high quality delivery for off the job training. With a strong reputation for delivering high quality training for employers we provide specialist bespoke training across multiple sectors, both in-house and at College.


Management Consultancy HR Support Level 3 Apprenticeship (Apprenticeship)

HR Professionals in this role are typically either working in a medium to large organisation as part of the HR function delivering front line support to managers and employees, or are a HR Manager in a small organisation. Their work is likely to include handling day to day queries and providing HR advice; working on a range of HR processes, ranging from transactional to relatively complex, from recruitment through to retirement; using HR systems to keep records; providing relevant HR information to the business; working with the business on HR changes.

CODE W9256

Software Development Technician Level 3 Apprenticeship (Apprenticeship)

This Apprenticeship programme will be delivered at East Surrey College, Redhill. Our staff specialise in the software and programming element of computing and have established a reputation for high quality delivery for off the job training.

CODE W9253

Team Leader / Supervisor Level 3 Apprenticeship (Apprenticeship)

This Apprenticeship Standard is suitable for Team leaders, first line managers and supervisors from all sectors. This Apprenticeship will comprise of Level 3 Diploma in Management (or equivalent training), Regular performance reviews, A portfolio of Evidence, Feedback from Line manager, peers and direct reports and a Synoptic End Point Assessment.

CODE W9133

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