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The Law on Nitrous Oxide

The Law on Nitrous Oxide

Date: 15 December 2023

The Law On Nitrous Oxide 

Possession of Nitrous Oxide is now illegal. From 8th November, nitrous oxide (also known as NOS or Nox) became a class C drug. In a recent report, the Home Office said persistent users could face 2 years in prison and dealers up to 14 years. Possession of the drug could also incur an unlimited fine, a community punishment, a caution (which would appear on their criminal record), and a prison sentence for repeat offenders.

The BBC reported that nitrous oxide is one of the most popular recreational drugs used by 16–24-year-olds. View the report and other links here. Nitrous oxide: laughing gas become illegal.

The Safeguarding Network provides a useful link detailing the risks posed by substance misuse ensuring young people are aware of the consequences they may face for possessing nitrous oxide.

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