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How many students are there in the group? What is the staff/pupil ratio?

Group sizes may vary, but for Entry Level it is usually between five and ten students depending on the individual support needs within the group. There is always a Lecturer and Learning Support Assistants are allocated according to the individual needs of the students. This is planned at the transition stage and may be increased or decreased following reviews of progress. Some students may have high support needs, in which case there is 1:1 support in the class and during break times.

Are students supervised at lunch/break times? What is the staff/pupil ratio?

Parents/carers routinely comment favourably on our inclusive environment. Students are encouraged to mix with others in order to develop social skills and are supervised during all breaks and lunch times. Depending on the needs of the individual student, this could be 1:1 or through group support.

Are students able to access all the College facilities?

Individual needs are taken into account to assess which College facilities and events are accessed. The majority of our students are fully integrated into College life and benefit from using all our facilities. They take part in cross College activities and enrichment sessions, such as fun sports and social activities, charity fund-raising, College conferences and Freshers’ Week.

Can the College provide any equipment that the young person might need?

Each individual student’s needs are taken into account and students are asked during the interview process if they require any assistive technology or specialised equipment to support their learning. The College will endeavour to purchase what is needed for individual students.

What type of experience do staff have?

Our staff are knowledgeable and experienced in working with students who have learning difficulties and disabilities. Teaching staff have also taught in a wide variety of settings including with Mencap, PMLD, MLD and SLD schools and educational settings. All staff – whether teaching or support – take part in an annual commercial upskilling programme engaging with employers and other external practitioners.

What have students gone onto once they have left the course?

Each student is different so may move onto different settings. The majority of students progress through the Life Skills - SEND department and move onto Level 1 courses and higher throughout the College leading eventually to employment. Others may not stay as long and take up paid work, voluntary work or independent living.

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