Parents / Guardians / Keyworkers

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Dear Parents / Guardians / Keyworkers,

Welcome to this section of the John Ruskin College internet. This is part of an initiative at the College where we are developing strategies to improve still further the parent/student/college partnership. As the success and progression of every student is our priority we are looking to develop an effective working relationship with parents or carers for every one of our students under the age of 18.

This site is designed to provide you with most of the information you will need to better help and support your child throughout their studies while at John Ruskin College. Further detailed information can be gained from our on-line and live progress reporting and monitoring tool called ‘e’ progress, or on one of our parents evenings. If however you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s personal tutor or client services. Please make a point of reading the ‘John Ruskin College Commitment’ and ‘Learner Contract’ that clearly set out our high expectations and standards that we know leads to success.

By working effectively together we can ensure the success of each and every one of our students.

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As part of its funding agreement with the Skills Funding Agency, John Ruskin College vocational courses are part or fully funded by the European Social Fund.