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Search Committee Terms of Reference

Approved by the Corporation 14th May 2013


1. The Committee shall comprise 5 members of the Corporation including:

  • The Chairman of the Search Committee to be nominated by the Corporation;
  • The Chairman of the Corporation (ex-officio);
  • The Principal (ex-officio);
  • Two other members to be nominated by the Corporation.

2. The committee may invite other persons to attend meetings in order to:

  • provide advice and evidence to assist the process of search;
  • verify that the selection process is independent and free from any form of patronage.

3. The quorum for meetings of the committee shall be three.

4. The Clerk to the Corporation shall act as Clerk to the committee


5. The committee will be responsible for advising on the appointment of external members of the Corporation and for gathering, screening and short-listing nominations in respect of vacancies on the Corporation and for determining the process whereby candidates are nominated or elected.

6. Whilst the Committee has no statutory duty relating to the appointment of staff, students or parent members (who are elected by their constituents) these appointments will be reviewed before ratification by the Corporation takes place.

7. The Committee will review members’ terms of office and evaluate the contribution made by existing governors before recommending their re-appointment to the Corporation.

8. The committee will from time to time consider and make recommendations to the Corporation on the composition and balance of the Corporation and its committees. This includes ensuring that membership reflects the diversity of the community served by the College.

9. The committee will be responsible for the arrangements for the induction, training and development of Corporation members.

10. The Committee will oversee the effectiveness and self assessment of governance.

11. The committee will meet at least annually to review membership and otherwise when required in agreement with the Chair.


12. The committee will develop and maintain a database of appropriate persons interested in making a voluntary contribution to the work of the Corporation, including those interested in Corporation membership.

13. The committee will regularly initiate searches, where appropriate by advertisement, for additions to the database through consultation with interested bodies including local community/employer representatives and local authorities. The Committee will also consider other appropriate methods of advertising any governor vacancies.

14. Where a vacancy occurs or is anticipated the committee will research suitable candidates drawn from the database through a process of interview and confidential references.

15. The committee shall also from time to time undertake a skills audit of governors to identify the areas of expertise and interest of existing members and to assist in the appointment of new members.

16. The committee will put forward to the Corporation suggestions for each vacancy. In making suggestions the committee will present a resume of the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate.

17. The Corporation shall not appoint any member of the Corporation (other than the Principal) unless it has first considered the advice of the committee. Appointments shall be made in accordance with the instruments and articles of government.


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