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John Ruskin College is fully committed to creating a ‘safer’ learning environment that promotes well being and security, for all students and all staff. The College recognises that certain groups of people are legally identified as vulnerable and has relevant policies, procedures and practices in place.

The College has a ‘whole organisational’ and ‘inclusive’ approach to safeguarding vulnerable adults and children (young people up to the age of 18). This is reflected in the values and ethos of the college and includes Governors, all staff and learners.

The College ensures the safety of all its learners by:

  • Having robust Health and Safety procedures in place throughout the college;
  • Adhering to safer recruitment practices;
  • Ensuring that students are aware of their Health and Safety duties;
  • Checking work places for appropriate Health and Safety processes and systems before students attend work placements;
  • Ensuring that healthy food is available to students in the refectory and that healthy eating is actively promoted;
  • Having in place an accessible whistle blowing policy and procedure. In addition, students are informed at induction, during tutorials and in the student handbook about the College’s zero tolerance of bullying and the support available if a student is being bullied;
  • Using the induction process and tutorial programme to ensure that students are made aware of internet safety measures;
  • Ensuring that Governors and all staff are trained in safeguarding and that students are aware of safeguarding arrangements.
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As part of its funding agreement with the Skills Funding Agency, John Ruskin College vocational courses are part or fully funded by the European Social Fund.