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Personal Tutoring

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Personal Tutoring

John Ruskin College is committed to your achievement. Personal Tutoring plays a central role in supporting your personal, professional and academic development. Personal Tutors have a major part to play in the effective support, review and achievement of students. We are committed to developing our students as well rounded and empowered citizens and to prepare them to successfully progress to positive destinations with real employability skills.

  • Your Personal Tutor
    On joining John Ruskin College you will be given a named personal tutor. The role of this tutor is to help you achieve your full potential. The tutor will support you in many different ways.They will help you settle into College life, make arrangements for any additional support you may need, set and track target grades and will work with you to create a learning plan that is tailored to your aspirations, skills development and wellbeing. You will meet with your tutor regularly and this will give you the opportunity to recognise and celebrate your success and discuss how you can further develop.
  • Your Personal Tutor Group
    You will also be a member of a tutor group made up of other students from your course. Your personal tutor group will meet once a week and provide you with opportunities to share your experience in a friendly and supportive environment.
    The tutorial programme content is student centred, encourages active learning strategies such as co-operative learning and employs active and participatory learning strategies and styles to develop learners’ employability skills. The role of the Personal Tutor in group tutorials is to facilitate learners’ development and ownership of tutorial themes and activities.


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As part of its funding agreement with the Skills Funding Agency, John Ruskin College vocational courses are part or fully funded by the European Social Fund.