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Safeguarding Arrangements

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Safeguarding Arrangements for 14-16 year old students

The College has a range of policies and procedures in place to ensure the safety of all students around the college and these can be found on the John Ruskin College website. However to meet any additional requirements for our 14-16 full-time students and ensure their safety in a Post 16 environment the following will be in force:

  • A dedicated area will be provided for the sole use of the 14-16 students clearly identifiable to students, staff and parents, however this will not prevent our 14-16 students from accessing other areas of the college as needed.
  • 14-16 year old students will be supervised at all times including lunchtimes.
  • 14-16 year old students will not be permitted to leave the college premises during the day without the express permission of their parent / carer or guardian.
  • A register will be taken at 08:45 every morning, and parents / carers or guardians will be contacted by a member of the College staff from 10am onwards where there is an unauthorised absence recorded. In the event that a 14-16 year old student leaves the college premises without permission, the college will contact the parent / carer / guardian immediately.
  • As part of our 14-16 PSHE commitment, students will be provided with information on how to keep themselves safe in a range of situations including e-safety, sexual health, etc.
  • Travel arrangements to and from the college are the responsibility of the parent / carer or guardian and is not the responsibility of the College. Where circumstances arise that require a 14-16 year old student to be supported to return home, arrangements will be made only at the request of the parent / carer or guardian.
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