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John Ruskin College has an established Apprenticeship provision offering Apprenticeships at Intermediate, Advanced and Higher Level and is now one of the largest Apprenticeship providers in Croydon. We also offer Traineeships which prepare you for your future career by helping you to become ‘work ready’.


An Apprenticeship can offer you the opportunity to get into work, earn a wage and learn your skills on the job. John Ruskin College can help you find the right Apprenticeship and Employer that suits you. If you already have an Employer, we can work with your Employer to help you become an Apprentice. The following are some of the benefits of becoming an Apprentice:

  • Earn a wage
  • Gain a qualification
  • Receive quality and current training standards
  • Gain a skill and knowledge in your work’s industry
  • Meet new people and develop new opportunities
  • Start on a career path
  • Progress to the next level in your chosen career

As an Apprentice you will normally work full-time with a local employer, learning about the job and earning a wage, which will be a minimum of £3.50 an hour.

Most Employers pay more and the average wage is between £150.00 to £180.00 per week. On some programmes you will attend College for one day a week over one to three years depending on the vocational area that you want to work.

There are three main levels of Apprenticeship and these are:

  • Intermediate Apprenticeship
    This involves
    working towards a suite of qualifications at Level 2 and provides the foundation skills that you require to become a professional within your chosen area of work.
  • Advanced Apprenticeship
    This involves working towards a suite of qualifications at Level 3 and normally involves taking on a supervisory role within the workplace.
  • Higher Apprenticeships
    They offer a new work-based route into professions which have traditionally been the preserve of graduates.

Apprenticeships are made up of a number of components:

  • Competency qualification – NVQ or Diploma
  • Technical Certificate – Theory or underpinning knowledge element
  • English and Maths Functional skills or GCSE
  • Employee Rights and Responsibilities (ERR)
  • Personal Learning & Thinking Skills (PL&TS)
  • IT Functional Skills – only certain pathways
  • For new standards – an End Point Assessment of commercial competence

Apprenticeships components


Apprenticeships on Offer

Key to Levels:

  • Level 2
  • Level 3
  • Level 4
Level 2 Accountancy
Level 3 Accountancy
Beauty Therapy
Level 2 Beauty Therapy
Level 3 Beauty Therapy
Business / Legal Administration
Level 2 Business / Legal Administration
Level 3 Business / Legal Administration
Level 4 Business and Professional Administration
Level 2 Childcare
Level 3 Childcare
Customer Care
Level 2 Customer Care
Level 3 Customer Care
Environmental Services and Cleaning
Level 2 Environmental Services and Cleaning
Level 3 Environmental Services and Cleaning
Facilities Management
Level 2 Facilities Management
Level 3 Facilities Management
Financial Services
Level 2 Financial Services
Level 3 Financial Services
Level 2 Hairdressing
Level 3 Hairdressing
Health & Social Care
Level 2 Health & Social Care
Level 3 Health & Social Care
Level 2 Hospitality & Catering
Level 3 Hospitality Supervision and Leadership
Level 4 Hospitality Management
Level 2 Housing
Level 3 Housing
IT, Software, Web, Telecom Professional
Level 2 IT, Software, Web, Telecom Professional
Level 3 IT, Software, Web, Telecom Professional
Level 4 IT, Software, Web, Telecom Professional
Level 3 Management
Level 4 Leadership and Management
Level 2 Pharmacy Services
Level 3 Pharmacy Services
Supporting Teaching and Learning in schools
Level 2 Supporting Teaching and Learning in schools
Level 3 Supporting Teaching and Learning in schools
Team Leading
Level 2 Team Leading

Please see entry requirements for each level of study.


If you are interested in doing an Apprenticeship or Traineeship then the next step is to complete the application form.

We are constantly developing and expanding our Apprenticeship schemes, so get in contact if you work in an area that’s not included in the list of courses. You never know, we might already be planning to add it to our provision.

For more information telephone 020 8651 1131 ext 127/623 or email:

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As part of its funding agreement with the Skills Funding Agency, John Ruskin College vocational courses are part or fully funded by the European Social Fund.